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Initiatives for
a recycling-oriented society

  • Parts Recycling business
  • Reuse business
  • Reduce business
  • Repair business

Initiatives for
a carbon-free society

  • Promote the spread of solar power generation
    (eco credit)
  • Initiatives to go paperless


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Human resource development

  • Establish training company to insource employee
  • Provide job opportunities through year-round hiring
    of young employees (new graduates/recent
    graduates looking to change jobs)

Promote diversity

  • Raise awareness through the “Lean in Premium”
    project aimed at women’s advancement in the
  • Actively promote talented young employees to managerial positions
  • Actively recruit foreigners

Work style reforms

  • Create employee-friendly spaces/movement lines
    by relocating offices and changing layouts at the
    various offices
  • Encourage employees to take paid leave (system for taking extended paid leave twice a year)

Respect for human rights

  • Conduct various rank-based training and compliance
    training to achieve a workplace environment/business
    activities free of discrimination and harassment


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Risk management

  • Establish a Group Risk Management Committee to
    analyze/understand and appropriately manage
    risks facing the Group, including overseas Group
  • Formulate a business continuity plan (BCP) and
    establish, practice, and review operating
    procedures that minimize damage during
    emergencies and enable the continuity and quick
    recovery of our core businesses

Promote compliance

  • Conduct various training, such as instruction in the
    protection of personal information and prevention of
    insider trading, to promote autonomous action based
    on the Code of Conduct
  • Formulate and strictly enforce the Policy
    Concerning Elimination of Antisocial Forces

Executive personnel

  • Establish a non-statutory Nomination and
    Compensation Committee, a majority of whose
    members are independent outside directors
  • Introduce a stock compensation plan to incentivize
    sustainable enhancement of corporate value

Reinforce corporate governance system