Creating a better world through top level financing and services

Provide top level financing and services to the world. Create a world in which everyone can live with joy and happiness, and a sense of satisfaction. These have been my goals since I established the company. Naturally, money alone does not determine value in life. However, by handling it well, it can make one's life more prosperous. People around the world should be able to access financing services with more familiarity, ease and peace of mind. We need a fundamental change in the way money is perceived, making our world a better place.

Being a company which grows together with its employees and society

In order to create top level financing and services, it is necessary for us to have a strong sense of ethics and broadmindedness as professionals in the industry. We must not be bound by preconceived ideas. Rather, we should lead the way to the next stage. By giving our all, we can strive steadily to develop the strength to overcome difficulties. We must maintain a feeling of gratitude for those around us. Taking such a stance and growing as people will strengthen the organization and lead to the growth of the company.

Flexible creative thinking and speedy action

We have not remained solely in the financing business, but have created new services and experience value through the combination of our automobile warranty and auto services. We are currently expanding our know-how widely, and moving into domains other than auto financing. We must provide services with high added value which suit diversified sets of values and lifestyles. Through flexible creative thinking and speedy action, we will continue to create new value.

Being a team which shares a philosophy

All employees of Premium Group share the notion of "value". This is a statement which contains my philosophy at the time of the company's founding. Now, this value is a shared notion which runs through the foundation of all our business, and which nurtures bonds between employees. Diversification in an organization is important, however, by sharing values among employees, a sense of unification is fostered, and the team works toward the same goal. This further strengthens the team.

Forging ahead and rising to the challenge in new field

A strong will to change and continuous action create financial innovation. Without being bound by preconceived ideas, we propose new value to the market and accelerate change in the industry. From now, we will not only operate in Japan, but will take on the challenge of expanding into overseas markets. In order to achieve our mission of providing top level financing and services to the world, we will never give up, even in the face of difficulty. We will forge ahead and continue to rise to the challenge.