Our Financing Philosophy

We are not merely a financing company. Premium Group was established with the aim of providing support with true value to consumers, through top level financing and services. Money alone does not determine value in life.

However, by handling it well, it can make one's life more prosperous. We want people around the world to be able to access financing with more familiarity, ease and peace of mind. We will develop new forms of financing which are not bound by preconceived ideas or customs. We aim to create a world in which everyone can lead more meaningful lives.

Our Service Philosophy

Through the process of developing our core competence automotive lifestyle business, we have accumulated expansive know-how and knowledge of auto financing and automobile warranties. We are currently pursuing further possibilities and developing new services in our core business, and expanding these assets more widely in domains other than the automotive lifestyle field.

We have already begun to offer credit for shopping and renovations. From now on, we will continue to provide services with high added value which suit consumers' diverse lifestyles.

To the world

In order to grow further, it is necessary for us to dynamically promote development on a global scale. Our company currently have two group companies in the Kingdom of Thailand, and one in the Republic of Indonesia. We have begun our auto loan credit and warranty businesses overseas, centered on the ASEAN region, and we will strive to expand the scope of our services.

In order to achieve our mission of providing top level financing and services to the world, we will continue to rise to the challenge in new fields as a financial innovator.