Through the provision of top level financing and services, Premium Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "our company") aims to contribute to the fulfilling lifestyles of customers and the flourishing of society, and to create an even more prosperous world. Under this principle, we place the utmost importance on the protection and management of the privacy and personal information (hereinafter "personal information") of our customers and employees. We have established basic rules concerning the collection, use and provision of personal information, and strive to implement the following policy.

Compliance with laws and ordinances
Our company complies with the laws and ordinances, guidelines of the related ministries and agencies, and other standards regarding personal information protection.
Personal information acquisition
Our company appropriately acquires personal information upon prior agreement within the scope necessary to conduct our business.
Personal information purpose of use
Our company specifies the purpose of use of personal information, and only uses it within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose. We do not use it outside of this scope. We have measures in place to prevent such use.
Provision of the personal information of customers to third parties
Our company will not provide the personal information of customers to third parties unless we have the consent of our customers or are required to do so by law.
Inquiries concerning the personal information of customers
Our company handles personal information requests for disclosure, complaints and other consultations from our customers. In the event of an error in a customer's data, we will promptly revise, add or delete information as required.
Personal information management
Our company implements safety management measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information, and to undertake appropriate reforms in the event of this happening. Our company continuously educates employees for the purpose of personal information protection. Our company appropriately supervises workers and contractors who handle the personal information of our customers.
Management system review and improvement
Our company strives to continuously review and improve our personal information protection system in view of information technology developments and changes in social requirements.

Enacted:October 1, 2010
Reviced:June 29, 2021
Yoichi Shibata, Representative Director
Premium Group Co., Ltd.

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