Our company has established this basic policy in order to prevent damage caused by anti-social forces, whether groups or individuals, who use violent, forceful or fraudulent means to pursue economic gain.

  1. We will ensure the safety of executives and staff who respond to anti-social forces.
  2. In order to prevent damage by anti-social forces, we will build close relationships with external specialist organizations, including the police and lawyers, and involve the whole organization in dealing with this matter, from the management level down.
  3. We will not have any relations, including business relations, with anti-social forces. We also refuse to accept undue demands from them.
  4. We will firmly respond to undue demands from anti-social forces by taking all possible civic legal action and we will not hesitate to initiate criminal legal action.
  5. We will not engage in any backroom deals, nor will we engage in funding anti-social forces under any circumstances.
  6. In order to prevent damage by anti-social forces, we will not enter into an employment relationship or any labor contract with anti-social forces.
  7. We will collect information on anti-social forces through cooperation with the relevant authorities, use it appropriately, and exclude anti-social forces.